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RS-Series Wastegate; 60mm V-Band Type

RS-Series Wastegate; 60mm V-Band Type

SKU: WG-011

60mm V-Band RS-Series Wastegate (Universal)

  • Includes 5 PSI, 12 PSI Springs (Can Be Combined Into 17PSI)
  • Dual Port. Accurate Boost
  • Ultra Durable Diaphragm
  • 75mm V-Band
  • Includes With All the Hardware (Bolts, Gasket etc)
  • Accurate Boost Pressure
  • High Quality Appearance
  • Simple One Step Process for Removing or Installing Different Wastegate Springs


  • This wastegate is 5.5" inches tall
  • 5 PSI Spring: Outer Diameter: 36.5mm / Length: 75mm (Inside Wastegate)
  • 12 PSI Spring: Outer Diameter: 59mm / Length: 121mm

Example: You can use the 5 PSI / 12 PSI / 14 PSI spring by itself or combine them together. By using the 5 PSI & 14 PSI spring together, you will get 19 PSI. Using all three springs together will result in 31 PSI.


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